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Why 3 Monkeys?


Your clean, wrinkle free laundry will arrive 48 hours after your pickup. All you need to do is put them away and enjoy laundry day by 3 Monkeys Laundry.


We hire and train the best. Individuals that are passionate about laundry so that you don’t have to worry about your favorite pair of jeans, the shirt you have had since college, or the babies blankets that Great Aunt Gertie painstakingly knitted. We check the care labels, use high efficiency machines to reduce shrinkage, and always separate lights from darks.


We may handle lots of laundry but each load is treated with care. Have a specific way you like your laundry folded, allergies, need some items washed separately, want extra fabric softener? No problem. We love special requests because we love for you to be excited about your laundry.  Just place any preferences or notes in your account before pickup and we will take care of the rest.


3Monkeys Laundry offers a full complement of wash & fold, dry cleaning and commercial laundry services.

Wash & Fold

3 Monkeys Laundry isn’t just your average wash-n-fold joint in New London County. Every order that we process is treated for stains and separated by color for washing. Our service is fully customizable, so you get clean laundry just the way you like it.

Dry Cleaning

Stop wasting gas driving to a dry cleaners. At 3 Monkeys Laundry we provide the same care and convenience for all your dry cleaning needs. Just click start service and see how we can save you time and money.


Commercial Laundry

Whether your business needs one-time, short term, or recurring laundry pick-up, 3 Monkeys Laundry has you covered. Our laundry specialists wash, fold, and deliver the clean laundry right to your facility. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at (860) 531-9548 or email us at to get a personalized quote today.

College Students

3 Monkeys Laundry offers laundry service for students with free pickup and delivery! If you are living at and attending Central Connecticut University, University of Hartford, Trinity College, Mitchell College, Connecticut College, or Wesleyan University then start service today and never worry about laundry again!

Diaper Service

3 Monkeys now offers diaper cleaning service! Pick up and delivery days are the same as our regular laundry service. All diapers will be cleaned with Tide Free N Gentle, natural peroxide based stain remover, and soaked in Oxi Clean baby stain formula.

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Our professional and trained drivers will pick up your dirty laundry for free and drop it off at our eco friendly facility.

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Your clothes are returned smelling fresh, looking neat, and exceptionally folded. All you will need to do is put them away. Say hello to a better laundry day!


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It’s simple really. Just pick a day and we will show up. We even send out text and/or email reminders 24 hours prior to your scheduled day. We know your busy, let 3 Monkeys laundry service cross laundry off your to-do list.

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